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About Us

Outlaw Distillery Spirits

Denise and Kirk first met in August of 2011 and they later got married on October 31, 2013.  They are a semi-normal family, which has merged together. They have 3 children, an 18 year old daughter Aubrey, 15 year old son Beau, and a 5 year old son Dallan. The two oldest are Kirk’s children and the youngest one is Denise’s.

Kirk is a diesel mechanic by trade and Denise is a claims adjuster.  Kirk has wanted to do something different and get out of the mechanic trade for a while now.  Wanting to be the supportive girlfriend and wife, Denise told Kirk that she would support him in whatever he decided to do. Of course, Kirk then decided that he wanted to go for it!

Kirk decided that the name would be Outlaw Distillery. He wanted something that was part of Utah without being a pun to the Mormon’s (as that has been beaten to death).  The Outlaw Trail ran through Utah and Butch Cassidy was a descendant of Beaver, Utah:  “Butch Cassidy the Sundance Kid and the Wild Bunch.”

Then the long road began: getting the funding to build all the equipment. Kirk is extremely talented when it comes to anything mechanical. He designed and built all of Outlaw Distillery’s equipment. This was an extremely time consuming project as he was also still working his regular job also.  Denise was there in the beginning and has continued to help wherever she could.  The facility required a lot of work to get it all set up to run a distillery.  Kirk has taught Denise how to plumb; do electrical work; paint and and be an all-around handy person.

When they decided to get married, it was agreed upon that they would sell Denise’s house and move into Kirk’s.  The proceeds of Denise’s house went into helping fund the distillery.

Finally, there came the challenge of finding a location that would let them set up a distillery.  This process took several months as it was difficult to find the perfect location that would be willing to work with them.  Finally, they found their current location in Midvale, Utah.  Once Kirk and Denise got approval from Midvale City, they were able to proceed with applying for the Federal permit through the TTB, which came in September 2013.  Once they got their Federal permit they could apply for the City & State Licenses.  They got all of the State information turned in when they found out about the Package 5 Agency, which allows one to sell their product out of one’s facility.  Well of course they wanted to be able to do that so they proceeded with the initial license and began to work on getting the information that was needed to be able to do the packaging agency.  They got approval for this on March 24, 2015 which allowed them to start selling their fabulous products on April 2, 2015..

Outlaw Distillery has been making it’s spirits since January 1, 2015. Currently they are a 4 man operation– Kirk, Denise, Kirk’s son Beau, and Kirk’s dad Bob. It has taken them about 4 years to get where they are today. They want to say thank you for all the support and help they have gotten from everyone along the way.