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Outlaw Distillery Shines at the Bartender Spirits Awards: A Journey of Excellence

Premium Honey Bourbon, Spiced Rum, and Coffee Rum, each showcasing the unique craftsmanship and passion that define Outlaw Distillery.

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At Outlaw Distillery, we take pride in crafting exceptional spirits that embody our commitment to quality, innovation, and tradition. This year, our dedication was recognized on a grand stage as we shone brightly at the prestigious Bartender Spirits Awards. Among the highlights of our journey were the accolades received for our Premium Honey Bourbon, Spiced Rum, and Coffee Rum, each showcasing the unique craftsmanship and passion that define Outlaw Distillery.

Premium Honey Bourbon: A Standout at the Bartender Spirits Awards

It's a sweet victory as our Honey Bourbon hovers just a point shy of the top spot, becoming the second-highest scoring honey-infused spirit at the competition. This recognition is a testament to the love and craft we pour into one of our bestsellers.

Our Premium Honey Bourbon stood out as a true testament to our ability to blend tradition with innovation. This exquisite spirit combines the rich, smooth notes of our expertly aged bourbon with the natural sweetness of premium honey, creating a harmonious balance that captivated the judges. The Bartender Spirits Awards recognized this blend as a standout, applauding its complexity and the way it elevates classic bourbon characteristics with a distinctive honey finish.

Spiced Rum: Bartender Spirits Awards' Top Contender

"Our Spiced Rum, with a robust score of 89, was hailed as the fourth finest in its category. Narrowly missing the top spot by a mere three points, it confirms the exceptional quality our distillery is committed to."

Outlaw Distillery's Spiced Rum is a celebration of bold flavors and adventurous spirit. Infused with a carefully selected blend of spices, this rum offers a sensory journey that evokes warmth and excitement. The judges at the Bartender Spirits Awards praised its robust flavors and balanced profile, highlighting its versatility in cocktails and its smooth finish. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence in crafting distinctive and memorable spirits.

Coffee Rum: Bartender Spirits Awards' Choice for Coffee Enthusiasts

"For the coffee aficionados, our Coffee Rum stood out, securing the title of the third-best Coffee Rum. This was a special endeavor for us, aiming to resonate with genuine coffee lovers, and these results are a nod to our successful formulation."

Our Coffee Rum is a testament to our dedication to creating spirits that resonate with discerning palates. Combining the deep, rich flavors of coffee with the smooth elegance of high-quality rum, this spirit captivated the judges at the Bartender Spirits Awards with its depth and balance. Whether enjoyed neat, over ice, or as a sophisticated addition to coffee-based cocktails, our Coffee Rum offers a unique and indulgent experience that embodies the artistry and passion of Outlaw Distillery.

Now Available Online

We're excited to share that all these award-winning products are available for online purchase, with direct ship our bottles to 38 States and DC (excluding Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Kansas, and UTAH) within the US. Utah residents might have to miss out on direct delivery, but our products are available for you right at our distillery.

A Journey of Excellence

The Bartender Spirits Awards celebrate the finest in the industry, and our success at this event is a reflection of the dedication and passion of our entire team at Outlaw Distillery. Each award we received underscores our commitment to crafting exceptional spirits that resonate with both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

We are honored to have our Premium Honey Bourbon, Spiced Rum, and Coffee Rum recognized at such a prestigious level. This achievement not only highlights our current accomplishments but also inspires us to continue our journey of excellence, always striving to create spirits that push the boundaries of innovation and quality.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We invite you to celebrate with us and experience the award-winning spirits that have made Outlaw Distillery a name synonymous with excellence. Cheers to the journey ahead and the many more milestones to come!

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