Outlaw Distillery

552 W 8360 S Midvale, UT 84070
Open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10AM

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Bourbon Whiskey:

Outlaw Distillery Bourbon Whiskey is fine premium Bourbon. Our Bourbon Whiskey is aged in American white oak barrels to maturity, then finished in French Oak. This gives our Bourbon whiskey a strong Vanilla and Carmel notes to start with and finishes with a sweet cinnamon flavor. With a nice balanced oak flavor that will leave wanting more. We feel that it is best enjoyed neat at room temperature. However our Bourbon Whiskey will taste great in all of your mixed drinks as well.

White Whiskey:

Outlaw Distillery White Whiskey is fine premium whiskey. Our White Whiskey is made with wheat, oats, and barley to produce a creamy wheat flavor that finishes with a strong oatmeal flavor. Of course neat and at room temperature is our recommended way to partake. Outlaw Distillery White Whiskey will also work well in mixed drinks of your choice.

Spiced Rum:

Outlaw Distillery Spiced Rum is fine premium spiced rum. We steep in our special blend of spices then add a small amount of raw sugar to bring out the flavor of the spices. We then decant off the spices so we may retain a small amount of the spices in the bottle. Our Outlaw Distillery Spiced Rum is unlike any of the typical spiced rums on the market. We feel it is best drunk neat at room temperature. Our rum will also work well in all of your mixed drinks.


Our Outlaw Distillery Rum is a fine premium rum. We age it in French oak to bring out very rich creamy vanillas, carmel and buttery molasses flavors. Enjoy Outlaw Distillery Rum at room temperature and neat, just as we do. An excellent addition to your cabinet so you can also use for mixed drinks!

Outlaw Moonshine:

Outlaw Distillery Moonshine is made from a Sweet feed mash. This mash consists of Corn, Wheat, Malted Barley and Molasses. Our Moonshine is very smooth and flavorful starting with a sweet molasses, rum flavor and transitioning into complex flavors from the grains. We like to enjoy our moonshine neat. It also works well in all your cocktails. We also have an aged Moonshine that will be coming out.

Outlaw Distillery

552 W 8360 S Midvale, UT 84070
Open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10AM-7PM

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Outlaw Distillery

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